Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ultimate Surrender?
Ultimate Surrender is the premier competitive sexual female wrestling site. U.S. has revolutionized female wrestling to a level never seen before. Once you watch a U.S. match you will not be able to go back to normal wrestling again.
What is so different about it?
Ultimate Surrender employs a complicated set of rules and a unique scoring system that encourages the wrestlers to sexually humiliate their helpless opponents for points and cash.
Is the wrestling real or "staged?"
The wrestling is extremely real! No pre set winner or loser is determined; each wrestler is fighting for pride, honor, and of course... more money. We have had moments where wrestlers have quit, mid match, because they couldn't take it anymore.
What do you mean by "sexually humiliate their opponent?"
U.S. has created an elaborate scoring system and set of rules. Once a wrestler has her opponent in "control" she can then sexually attack her helpless opponent for "style points". In other words, once one wrestler gets the other helpless, she can fondle, finger, and do anything she can to earn more points and money.
What do you mean by "Control and Style?"
Check out the rules , we answer all of those types of questions there.
What stops this from becoming just another make out session on the mat?
Two words, SHAME POINTS. Each wrestler that has anything sexual happen to her gets Shame Points, these Points follow the wrestler for her entire career on the models pages. No girl yet has let anyone just finger them for fun. They are fighting NOT to lead in SHAME.
Are you keeping record of the wins and loses, style and shame points?
Yes, they are updated on the seasons page after each week.
Is there hair pulling or slapping?
No. Once again, refer to the rules page where you will see how this unique site really plays out.
How often do you update?
Every week with a new full match - over 30 minutes of video.
What is your video quality for downloadable clips?
We have 4 options to download:
  • WMV HD (1280x720)
  • WMV (512x288)
  • MP4 HD (1280x720)
  • MP4 for iPod/iPhone (512x288)

Get the latest WMV player here

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Do you sell DVDs or Videos of your matches?
No, the only way to see our content is by joining , any recent video encoding is 720p quality or greater.
Can I download the entire movie?
Sure, but please be aware these file sizes can be several gigabytes in size.
Do I get access to any of your other sites by signing up for US?
No. Each site is stand alone and separate.