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The safety of models is our top priority, and we have a strict set of rules in place to ensure it. These rules apply to videos that are currently being shot and released by the company. Rule violations are grounds for disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment. Any abuse of the rules can be reported confidentially.

Any member of a production crew has the authority to stop shoots at any time if they have concerns about a model's safety. The scene must stop immediately, and will not continue until the well-being of the model is established and they have consented to continue.

For general information about BDSM practices and safety, please refer to the book SM 101: A Realistic Introduction by Jay Wiseman.


  1. Model paperwork is the Talent Manager's responsibility. If the Talent Manager is absent, responsibility falls to the Assistant Talent Manager, or other Talent Department staff. If no one from the Talent Department is available, the director is responsible for model paperwork.
  2. Every model and every spectator must have a valid ID proving they are over 18.
  3. The talent department must check each model's STD testing paperwork per protocol.
  4. All models must be clean and sober when they arrive for work. Models under the influence of alcohol or drugs must be sent home.
  5. Models must be informed about the possibility of being marked prior to the shoot, and they must explicitly agree to being marked in a way that lasts more than a few hours. Superficial, skin level marking is OK with the permission of the model. Heavier marking beneath the skin, including blue/purple bruising, should not be substantial, even if the model consents. If a model shows up for a shoot already marked black and blue, the shoot must be cancelled or the marks must be covered for the entire shoot.
  6. Models must fill out paperwork stating their limits for every shoot, or do a verbal limits check prior to shooting.
  7. Production:

    Interviews Requirement

    General Interview Rules:

  8. Pre-shoot and post-shoot interviews are required for any paid model who participates as a submissive in a BDSM or abduction scene.
  9. The interviews cannot be part of a scene, and the model cannot be in character or in bondage. The model must be allowed to speak in their own words, and not be prompted to answer yes/no questions.
  10. Interviews are not required for 3rd party content.
  11. Pre-Shoot Interview:

  12. If a shoot involves BDSM, safe words must be established and confirmed by the model in the interview. A non-verbal safe word must be established if they will be gagged or otherwise unable to speak during the shoot.
  13. If an abduction scene is planned, it must be established that the abduction is completely consensual and simulated.
  14. There cannot be dialogue suggesting that the model is underage. You cannot ask the model to describe sexual acts they participated in while they were underage, but you can ask them about their first or early sexual experiences.
  15. These interview requirements must be addressed at the very beginning of the interview. Establsh the safewords, then address the abduction scenario (if applicable).
  16. Post-Shoot Interview:

  17. The model must clearly have recovered from the shoot.
  18. It must be clear that the model consented to what happened.
  19. The interview must be at least one minute long.
  20. The model must be asked about their favourite parts, and what they liked and didn't like.
  21. Shoots published in scenes or series:

  22. Scenes - this means shoots that are shot at the same time with the same production ID, but will be published later as separate updates. Both interviews are still required.
  23. A series is a sequence of shoots that form a continuing story. In this case, when a model first joins the series, there must be an opening interview, and on the last update for the model, there must be a closing interview - even if the series otherwise continues after their departure. If a model ever formally leaves and then comes back, they will have to do interviews again. Examples include TTOO trainings, The Cabo Series, and TUF shoots with the same models while they remain slaves.
  24. If during a series there is a shoot that includes a paid model participating in BDSM who appears only once, there must be an opening and closing interview for that model.
  25. Model Safety

    General Safety

  26. The safe word and the phrase "safe word" may not be used by anyone but the model unless it is to inform them of what it is, remind them that it's ok to use it, or confirm that it has been used. No taunting or daring the model with the safe word, and no threatening consequences if the safe word is used. The same rules apply to the "slow down" word.
  27. Follow the model's limits. It is prohibited to try to convince the model to change these limits during a scene.
  28. If the scene is very intense, the model must be reminded that they can safeword at any time. If the model safewords, the scene must stop immediately. If the model is bound, ask if they need to be released. The scene may continue at a less intense pace ONLY if the model explicitly agrees.
  29. Pay attention for signs of numbness. A model in subspace may not tell you that they are going numb. A model must be released immediately if they complain of loss of sensation or movement.
  30. If a model complains of an injury and needs medical attention, they must contact HR immediately to complete Worker's Comp paperwork.
  31. Breath Play

  32. Breath Play is permitted, however, no forced breath play will continue for more than thirty seconds. This includes dunking in water, plastic bags over someone's head, and choking that inhibits breathing. Directors must get approval from Peter Acworth before doing dunking scenes in order to verify appropriate training has been taken.
  33. No model may be tied with any implement around the neck in such a way that the rope could inhibit breathing if the model were to fall or faint. There must be a visible second tie that would support the model's weight. For example, a model may be tied with their feet to a loose rope around the neck, but cannot be tied standing with a rope around their neck attached to the ceiling.
  34. No participants may be caused to lose consciousness.
  35. Choking, Marking and Circulation

  36. A model shall not be caused to choke or cough due to placing an item in their mouth, including oral sex, unless the model is in full control of the activity. One cough or gag is ok, but then the activity must cease, and the model must be allowed to recover.
  37. Bondage that causes a visible loss of circulation is not permitted. Darkening and/or reddening of the skin is normal, but blue skin is a visible loss of circulation which indicates that the model must be released immediately.
  38. Heavy marking beneath the skin, including blue/purple bruising should not be substantial, even if the model consents. If darker bruising starts to appear, the hitting on that area must stop.
  39. Crying

  40. Crying is defined as tears flowing from a model's eyes - not watery eyes or crying sounds.
  41. Crying by an unpaid participant is ok.
  42. Tears from pleasure are always ok.
  43. Tears from psychological aspects of play are ok as long as they are acknowledged by the top/s.
  44. Every time a model cries from pain during a shoot, the scene must stop immediately, and the model must be comforted on camera. The tears must be wiped away, and the model must be asked if they want to continue. The model cannot be made to cry again immediately.
  45. Tears from blowjobs, or from any object being put in a model's mouth/throat, are only ok if the model is in full control. Full control means that the model's head is not being held in place in any way, and that she/he is in control of the depth and rate of thrusting.
  46. Electricity

  47. Electricity can't be used in any way that crosses the chest.
  48. The cattleprod can only be used in short zaps - not held down on the skin.
  49. Mains powered appliances cannot be used in a scene that also includes water.
  50. Tens Units
    • Don't use on the head, eyes, front of the neck, broken skin, or spinal column.
    • Don't place through the chest (on the chest and the back simultaneously).
  51. Consent

  52. Sexually explicit conduct cannot take place where minors or people who have not consented to witnessing it might see it. The crew must be able to guarantee that this will not happen by posting scouts or by some other means.
  53. Limits on content:

  54. Scat, bleeding, needles and vomiting are not permitted. If someone is grazed inadvertently and the bleeding is minimal, that's ok.
  55. Pissing, Squirting and Cumming

  56. For gay male sites, pissing on another person is allowed. All other restrictions on pissing still apply.
  57. Pissing on or in another person is not allowed, nor is dumping piss from a receptacle onto someone, or piss drinking. It is also prohibited to have someone roll around or lie down in piss. Simulating these activities is also prohibited. Verbally implying that these activities are occurring is ok as long as nothing is shown.
  58. Female ejaculation (squirting) can only occur during or immediately after stimulation or penetration, and must be restricted to a series of short, forceful squirts (continuous flow of liquid for more than a few seconds will be considered piss).
  59. Simulated Violence or Non-Consent

  60. Depicting someone being sexually stimulated in any way while passed out or sleeping is prohibited.
  61. Simulated physical injury or use of weapons are only allowed during shoots that are clearly fantasies or narratives - scenarios that could not occur in real life. This also applies to threats of serious injury, or simulated death.
  62. Depictions of abductions are only allowed if the scene is discussed and consented to in the opening interview.
  63. No scene can depict a model being drugged in any way, or getting intoxicated and then taken advantage of.
  64. No activities involving animals participating in a sex act or in a sex scene.
  65. Limits on narrative/dialogue:

  66. No references to competing companies - including in the interviews.
  67. No dialogue can suggest that the model(s) look underage. Examples of prohibited language include: "she looks like jailbait," "I could be her father," "you look like you're still in high school," and "men like me because I look like a teenager."
  68. Both simulated incest and story elements involving or implying incest are prohibited.
  69. Post-Production


  70. The pre-shoot interview must be placed at the beginning of the shoot, and the post-shoot interview at the end, unless the sub is male - in which case both interviews can be placed at the end.
  71. If an update is part of one master (production) shoot:
    • Every update after the first update may place both interviews at the end, but the first update cannot.
    • The other option is to place the opening interview at the beginning of the first update, and the closing interview at the end of the last update, in which case:
      • Every update except for the first has to have the text "continued from SHOOTID (preceding update)" at the beginning.
      • Every update except for the last has to have the text "to be continued" at the end.
  72. If a shoot is part of a series (a sequence of shoots which form a continuing story):
    • The first shoot with a given paid model in the series must have an opening interview, and the last shoot that model participates in must have a closing interview - even if the series otherwise continues after their departure.
    • Every shoot in between must have "to be continued" at the end of the update. Examples include TTOO trainings, The Cabo Series, and TUF shoots with the same models while they remain slaves.
    • Models who only appear once or models who have come back after having been part of the series must have an opening and closing interview for that shoot.
  73. Promotional Materials:


  74. All shoots require six 10-20 second promo clips, a 30-38 second promo clip (7th promo), and a promo clip longer than 5 minutes (8th promo).
    • If the shoot includes BDSM (bondage or corporal), the 6th promo must have a clip of each sub smiling at the end, and the 7th and 8th must include a clip of each sub saying something positive about the shoot, in their own words - not as an answer to a yes/no question.
  75. Images:

  76. Thumbnails for video clips have these requirements:
    • For BDSM shoots, the 6th promo thumbnail must show the model smiling without genital nudity in the shot, as should the thumbnail for the last scene. This can make the difference between a non-BDSM person perceiving our material as consensual rather than non-consensual.
  77. For a shoot's update page or any other promotional image, the following images are prohibited:
    • Shots where the model's head is underwater or in a sealed plastic bag.
    • Shots depicting excessively blue skin from bondage.
  78. Copywriting:

  79. Directors should refer to the internal wiki page for a list of banned words.